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Business Name: Musca Law
Owner Name: Musca Law
Address: 500 S. Florida Ave, Ste 400-14, Lakeland, FL 33801 USA
Phone: (863) 512-5269
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Working hours: 24/7
Criminal Defense Attorneys in Lakeland Florida
Whether a defendant has been formally charged with a misdemeanor or felony or they have merely been informed that they are the subject of a criminal investigation, prompt action is necessary. Although the thought of taking on federal or state prosecutors in criminal court can be disquieting, defendants can maximize the probability of a positive outcome by retaining our experienced team of Lakeland criminal defense lawyers.
A Reliable Team of Defense Lawyers in Lakeland, Florida
If one has come under a cloud of suspicion based on an arrest or an investigation, our team of Lakeland criminal lawyers is always standing by to answer questions and defend clients from any state or felony charges.