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Vancouver BC
February 6
Yes I have some.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Legal Assistant.
Today is the oldest you've ever been...and the youngest you'll ever be.
2001 Toyota Corolla Sport with almost a quarter million kms on it. What a machine.

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Tall enough to see over the steering wheel.
Just about right, give or take.
Light Brown.
Casual all day long.
It's fine for some people.
No comment.
I like long-haired freaky men or a fine upstanding young man would do. Credit to Five Man Electrical Band.
Almost single...and those frown lines are all his fault.
One furbaby.
Must be fun and able to make me laugh, which is not difficult.


Anne Rice, Michael Slade
The Witching Hour, Ripper
Rock and metal are my loves, though I do have a soft side so rock and metal ballads are okay, too.
To name a few...Sabbath & Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Bruck Dickinson, Pantera, Dio, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Boston, Styx, Danzig, Ministry, Ramones, Three Days Grace, anything with Corey Taylor, Apocalyptica, Godsmack, Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society, SRV, Tool, Megadeth, Zep, Imagine Dragons, Volbeat, Greta Van Fleet, Corrosion of Conformity, Five Finger Death Punch, Great White...and I could go on and on...
Cabin on a lake in the woods.