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Simpson Loft - Spinal surgery using decompression techniques

Simpson Loft - Laminotomy. This mechanism aims to reduce the pressure on the spinal nerves by trimming some of the lamina, ie the back side of the vertebrae, so that pressure on the spinal nerves can be reduced. - Laminectomy. Almost the same as laminotomy, but in laminectomy all spinal lamina will be removed. Laminectomy can help reduce infection due to pressure on the spinal cord, though it doesn't taste immediately after this mechanism is implemented.

Simpson Loft - Discectomy. This mechanism has the aim of relieving pressure on the spinal cord due to the abnormal shape of the spinal discs and natural herniation or protrusion (hernia nucleus pulposus). Dysectomy is performed by trimming the sides of the spinal discs, so that there is more room for the spinal nerves and the pressure on the nerves will shrink by itself. Dectectomy can be combined with laminectomy so that the results are optimal.