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On just the other side of forever.
Member since 2007 from Talkcity/Delphi.

Poetry is my love and passion and a gift from the creator for me to share.

I like to scetch and charcoal draw.

I like to make a difference in the things I do, at least I do feel at the end of the day I have accomplished something, if only one person benefits from it that's all that matters.

I believe in helping others if they actually heartfully need it and believe I'm the last of my kind as far as going to the limits without asking for anything in return.
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
Reeper of souls.
It can't rain all the time.

Into the breach once more my friend.

Kill two birds with one stone.

If it isn't broken, dont fix it.

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.
Upon the winds of change.

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Just over 6ft
Brown with a hint of grey streaks
Nothing to constricting, as to not cut off the blood flow to the brain.
I exist, therefore I am.
I am a multicolored sand worm.
I'd rather sit, haven't had a break yet.
Straight as an archers arrow.
To know me, you must first know just how deep the rabbit hole really goes.


Ann Rice, Edger Allen Poe, Jules Vern
War Of The Worlds, The Bible, 1984, Moby dick
New York Times , Dayton Daily News
Mission Impossible , All Terminator Movies, All Die Hard Movies, Independence Day , The Time Machine, To many more to mention
Rock, Metal, Goth
Jimmy Hendrix , Led Zeppelin , The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Korn, White Zombie, Rage Against The Machine, Heart, Aerosmith , Wolf Alice, Lana Del Rey , Hayle Storm , Mama's And The Papa's , Ratt, Dokken , Evanescence , Type O Negative , Mudvayne, AC/DC, Buck Cherry , Bush, Black Sabbath , Creed, Lacuna Coil , In This Moment , Def Leopard
Somewhere over the rainbow and off the grid
Anything Spicey