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Business Name : Spires Online Tutors

Spires Online Tutors is an online platform that lets students to connect with the best tutors and share their knowledge with us in our virtual classroom. We have won multiple awards for our startup. Spires was founded by Oxbridge graduates to offer the highest quality academic and exam preparation tuition to students of all ages. Professional tutors are able to help students with over 200 subject areas. They also help students prepare for the official exams at the different levels: Secondary School Secondary School/High school - Entrance exams University The University Oxbridge entrance examinations University University Undergraduate University Universities Then there is the Postgraduate University. Doctoral Professional Qualifications Chartered Qualifications Subject-specific tutors offer help in understanding fundamental concepts and subjects. Our tutors can assist in understanding the subject and project planning, coursework reviews, revision, preparation for GCSE, IB, A-Level, National 5, and any other examinations that are administered at the secondary school level across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, NZ, or any other English speaking-country or school system. Students that want to do well will receive special assistance at the university level. Our tutors are experts in their fields and have years of experience in supporting students in the top English-speaking universities across the world. We count several Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates on our team. Spires also provides support to professionals who are advancing their careers by passing professional exams. This includes chartered exams. Our tutors are flexible , and will accommodate your schedule to help you succeed. Our tutoring platform allows students to connect with tutors from all over the world and let them to schedule, record, pay and record online classes on one site. Professional, affordable and Speedy.

Phone : +44 20 7846 0126

Business Email : support@spires.co

Website : https://spires.co/

Address : 60 Sheffield Terrace, London, England, W8 7NA, United Kingdom

Working hours : Open 24 hours

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