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ClinicAid was developed out of the need to make the billing process easier and more accurate for clinics across Canada. ClinicAid is accessible, simple to set-up and directly integrated with each province’s health services plan. ClinicAid enables up to 73% fewer rejected claims and practitioners/MOA’s spending up to 65% less time on billing. ClinicAid has flexible pricing based on quantity of claims sent per month, and ranges from up to 100 claims to in excess of 3,000 claims per month. ClinicAid accounts for in excess of $40 million of billing per month. ClinicAid is a flexible tool, appropriate for all types of practitioners and/or managed billing service providers. ClinicAid works on any device connected to the internet, allowing practitioners to access their billing any time, any place. ClinicAid has a 98% payout success rate, and over 97% of users said they would recommend ClinicAid. Learn more about how ClinicAid can help streamline your billing process.