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Smadav Latest Version for windows is the first antivirus produced in Indonesia to disinfect and protect laptop computers and computer systems from international and residential infections. The best regional antivirus right now is this program.

Smadav is powerful enough to provide total protection and also stop the spread of infection. Smadav does have a very small setup dimension, that's a factor. In addition, when used on a PC connected to the internet, this antivirus does not eat a lot of internet website traffic.

The designers also state that Smadav typically only uses about 10 megabytes of memory while it's active, which is much less memory usage than other antivirus programs. One of the latest versions of Smadav is available to download for free; however, a fee is required for the professional version.

Smadav has actually been upgraded from the previous version with a fresh look, more attributes, and extra performance. This free full version antivirus is powerful enough to decontaminate your device from one of the latest infections or remove other infections from USB. To improve infection prevention, this antivirus can remove contaminated infections from USB Flash disks and also recover all kinds of documents that the infection might have hidden.

Because they are made for the primary security of your computer, most antivirus programs cannot be set up together with other antivirus programs.