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Nowadays, watching soap operas is a favourite pastime for most people.

For many, watching a TV series is a kind of tribute to tradition. Previously, they used to gather the whole family in front of the TV screen. After which all the events were discussed thoroughly. Some people enjoy waiting for a new episode, especially if the ending of the previous one was intriguing and unexpected.

There is an opinion that most series that resemble a "soap opera", watching people who are dissatisfied with the quality of life, but this is far from it. Once you start watching a serial product, as soon there is interest and a desire to know how this or that situation ends. The culprit is the banal curiosity of human nature.

Today in the market a lot of detective and comedy series. The first often choose men, and the second are great for family watching. They are easy to listen to and unobtrusive.

Soap operas serve as a kind of background for many people. People do chores at home, deal with everyday problems and spice it all up by watching their favourite project. They give people a chance to abstract themselves from their troubled thoughts and problems.

Many people like to watch other people's lives from the sidelines because of their own drabness. They like to empathize with their favourite characters and give them advice. One's own life seems uninteresting against the background of a fictitious one. Some individuals unconsciously watch soap operas, thereby looking for ways to escape reality.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally watching soap operas. It is a great way to spend an enjoyable and entertaining time. Another thing is that you should not devote absolutely all your time to such leisure activities. Reality can also be interesting; all you have to do is look around.