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With my guy, in Texassssss
June 17
Foreign languages
Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)
Being adorable and witty me
Carpe Diem, cuz it can be over like *that*
His truck and his motorcycle

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6'10-ish I've been told?
± 122lbs with a sixpack in the making (heh)
Dark blondish/brownish with a touch of color in it
For now it's AliExpress all the way, until we're a bit better situated money-wise, you won't believe the stuff I manage to unearth there! And EVERYTHING finds its' way to Texasss (I's being spoiled here... after 'a shelf' I got now 'various chests of drawers' and even a real 'walk in closet')!!!
Nuh uh, they tried, but alas... I still only believe in myself
White with a bit of a tan (there's no escaping a tan here, not even when one is a professional milk bottle such as I)
Dunno, not very interested in politics, leaning Dem. in a Rep. state though (I kinda like that, 'going against the grain'... see also the 'sports section')
Straight (applications are closed though.. I think I found him already)
Widow (used to be 'disabled' but I got a [painful] promotion and am escaping the 'disabledness', or so I'm told)
Am finding I'm also being 'swiped away again'... or ... lets quit the false modesty, I'm RenderCat's gal :-D))
0 (too much of a kid myself)
Dis is my 2nd time around on Delphi, the first time I met my hubby on here; he died in 2020 and -'as a reaction' or 'while I was still recuperating' or 'in search of something else' or 'to escape the memories'- I went through a not-to-be-repeated two year stint in the RDC, the ppl there SERIOUSLY underestimated me though and I managed to escape to the American 1st world... so far I 'hung my passport in the willows' but if the right person asks I'll GLADLY settle down!


Harlan Coben, Guillaume Musso, Bill Bryson
Que serais-je sans toi?, A short history of everything
Het AD, De Telegraaf
Once Upon a Time in America
Robert Harper (@ he's no. I)
Classic Rock, Some French, Some Dutch, Some German
Ennio Morricone, Bob Seger, Savage Garden, Wolfgang Petry, Neil Diamond, Roxette, and many more
Philadelphia Eagles
in the air conditioning, the 1st world (as opposed to the '3rd'), home in Texas
WHATEVER Render decides to make, Fumbwa, Manioc, Pondu, Patate douce