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December 11
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
Did 1 Yr of Peg & Riba TX, stayed Undetectable and became, "SVR" at 6 month Post-Tx in 3-2003
UPDATE: 9-2014: Still Undetectable now at 12 Years Post Tx! WOW!! = CURED!

I "Was" a 1A, with 1.4Mill iu/ml (approx 3.5 Mill Copies/ml); Stage 2 Liver Damage & ALT in 70's at start of TX.

Did .5ml of 150Ug Peg Intron & 1200 Riba For One Full Year. 100% Compliance! Not always Easy, but DoAble!

YOU "CAN" DO THIS! Your Liver's Gonna LOVE YOU! If you dont TRY you cant kill the Virus.
MY HOPE & WISH is that One Day EVERYONE Can Join me and become a Successful SVR. And with the NEW Non-Interferon Tx here in 2015 That wish is coming true! Many Many can and will be cured forever now and in the future and the Tx is much easier than ever before. THIS IS SO GREAT Y"ALL!!!!! :-)

*NOTE: The Painting Above is "NO U TURN"
by Bruce Holwerda. It is so Appropriate for us fighting this Monster! Stay Committed, Go Forward, Dont Turn or Look Back "NO U TURN". You can Do This! Just "Try" My Best to ALL!

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Regardless of who you voted for...the Prez is OUR PREZ! for now!! This is America!
HETERO (What Orientation? LOL!
Free & Looking Again
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Warmth, Islands, Water, Neat Places to explore, Heck I'll go anywhere!
ALL! Once Again! (After Tx that is!)