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what really matters is where are you going ...
August 22
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
to feel the warmth of love , you have to take a chance on getting burned ... "me" (i'm not usually that deep , so don't get used to it)
character or the lack there of ?

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hmmmm ,too much ... yepp way too much
brown (ok,ok a lil gray)
this is what was on top of the pile this morning
is that a safe topic , really is it ?
let's see some irish some german a lil of this a pinch of that, pretty much a mutt i gues
not waaaay over on the right but leaning that way, ok ok a hard line conservative.... or maye not
usually nearly horizontal , but not always
quite possibly a cheap slut , watch out for me !!
yes i am one , no i don't have any
add ? like 1 on 1 = fun


Harlan Coben - Stuart woods - James Lee Burke - John Grisham-Patricia Cornwell-Johnathon Kellerman-Faye Kellerman-Iris Johanson-Tom Clancy-etc etc etc
oh anything i can get my hands on
only occasionally
gotta have my USA Today
Garfield RULES , lol
i don't get to see movies very often .... oh yeah and i hate any and all Freddy the Halloween blood bath 1 thru 47 movies
the sunday morning news shows..sports..NO reality shows(reality my ass) & order..nypd blue
Nicolas Cage-Gene Hackman-Meg Ryan-Michael Ironsides-Tom Hanks-etc etc
mostly country & 70's rock, a lil of the new stuf , but NONE of that gangsta sh*t (grow up you losers)
Boston..Foreigner..Alabama..Garth Brooks..Reba, Faith ALL female singers, lol
i LOVE football and enjoy some Nascar occasionally
Eagles-Texans-Steelers (pretty much all NFL teams)
where the girls are , woo hoo
simple fare , nothing remotely resembling gourmet