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June 11
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We Don't Care Spit

We go where fear
stifles others, hear?
What we have in mind
strikes others blind
Males so bruised
aren’t forever confused
Hey—especially so
Us—the minority—yo
Think feelings defensive
actions more contentious

Protectors don't care spit
We get up your zip
give the Devil a sip
of what it is to hate
Don't think fashion plate
We load latest upgrades
We sting stank minds
return funk in kind
Ain’t no stink in between
when we sync the unseen

Lucas. Alex 01.03.10

How It's Going To Be

Long time ago mamma told me, told me
You’re sorry, that's all you will be
You’re unreliable, you're friable*
You're pathetic, I'm not sympathetic
My mamma told me, you're sorry, but
Not sorry enough, man-child, tut-tut

She said, you just like my daddy
All men are evil, like my daddy
They'll mistreat you, beat you
defile you 'till life defeats you
and you will grow up to be
just like him, don't you see

Now I've grown up
Time for me to own up
My life is all sewn up
in crime and broken rhyme
I cheat just like mamma said
I love whiskey, get fighting mad

I'm trying to live up, live up
to what mamma tripped on me
and that slips into lonely
and that's all I'll ever be
No woman will ever own me
That's how it's going to be

The corpse aesthetic
The woman copacetic
The prisoner apologetic
The drunkard paralytic
All but one got feelings like me
I’m telling you, can't you see?

A&A 12.27.09

Rocking Out

I play piano with my toes
quite a feat I suppose
when my hands are on her
and our love starts to stir

So, before you get violent
before your nose gets bent
out of joint, I have her
I'm where you once were

You didn't take care of her
you didn't smooth her fur
and now I'm rocking out
and you're doing without

Your name never comes up
you've showed your butt
one time too many
now you don’t get any

Us old musicians don't ever fade
We just line our pockets with money
from the hot songs we play
slow, not quick like a bunny

We take our time
Sip some wine
I start with her toes
and from there it goes

Too late do you appreciate
what you had, made her mad
She wasn't loose too long
before she heard my song

What you need is a hound dog
A princess to kiss from a frog
Loosen up, big fellah
That's all I can tell ya

Alex. Alice 12.21.09
New Dancehall Queen

He plays piano with his toes
quite a feat I suppose
Ambidextrous, adventurous
At times it gets too much

So, before you get violent
before your nose gets bent
out of joint, I have him
He's where you once been

You didn't take a turn
at making me slow burn
and now he's rocking out
and you're doing without

Your name never comes up
you've done showed your butt
Too many times you've fizzled
In his band I play the pizzle

Old musicians don't ever fade
Just line their pockets with money
from sweet songs they play
Slow, not quick like a bunny

We take our time
Sip warm red wine
We start with my toes
and from there it goes

Too late did you learn to appreciate
your bad when you made me mad
and I wasn't loose too long
before he rang me, ding-dong

What you need is a pit bull dog
leather jacket, and a Harley hog
Loosen up; change your routine
Find you a new dance hall queen

Alice 12.21.09

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Mortally involved
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Dreams Fly Fleetin‘

Who’s that we hear
feedin’ our fear
Is it Ms. Mustache?
Is she too fast?

In the closet dark
a warm fairy part
Butter time begins
seepin’, windin’ within

The soft caress
The turquoise vest
Our heart arrests

Won’t see somethin’
Not a night bumpkin
Don’t let us fuss
‘Bout lips kissin’ us

Ringin’ in our ears
That's normal, dear
It’s supposed to hurt
Let me do the work

Can't break my bones
Ringing terror phones
Oh so bleak and sweet
We're sleek warm meat

She speaks lies thus
What's wrong with us
About the feelin’ good
Oh, it's understood?

Livid spit seep ‘n
vivid tales creep ‘n
cut into sleep ‘n
dreams fly fleetin’

Alice 1.01.10


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