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Mac Hansen (Mac4Yuma)
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RC flying.
light plane flying.
Making bombs and defusing bombs.
My date of birth is listed as 1911... but i think not
Paton ran my family out of Mexico into Arizona the town name was Six Mines in Mexico.
I retired in 78 and that lasted 4 years! my wife could not take homesteading so we came back to town. I only worked part time when I felt the need and we retired again in 89 but stayed in town.

Cowboy for Imperial Cattle Company in CA.
TV and Microwave repair.
Maytag Red Carpet man.
Cook for Saga food service University of Redlands Ca.
Service Manager for three repair Companies.
US Army officer Mess Cook with special training. I quit third enlistment.
Fort Ord, Ca. - Camp Erwin, Ca. - Fort Bragg, NC. all over 60 years ago. Also the 304th Signal Bat, Seoul Korea
Isaiah 58
1Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Delphi my forum "The Oldtimers Hanger" but not much Bible on it.
I no longer drive but my wife being Asian she drives a Mercedes.
what is a RPG? I was a TDY character many years ago.

UPDATE: Delphi is not what it was and I am not what I was but it has been fun so I will say take care in case I fade away.


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started at 5_10 now 5_8
175 and then 275 and going back down.
now white & some brownish
1930s and 40s
YES, Pastor Mac Hansen, Radio Church of God 1962. I am one of the few who did not get involved with the WWCOG as a pastor. I did try a number of meeting and Holy Days but not as a regular member.

That started out good but as HWA got older things started to change.
Mexican with a bit of Danish from grandma's husband...The family is from 6 Mines in Mexico 5 miles from Helisco spelling unknown
Christians do not get involved in such
The Bible shows that sex up to 80 per example is just fine.
I do not know if that is so but I do know 75 plus is just fine.
Update: lets make that 85 we are running out of the 70's.
working on getting to 80 years plus with my first wife.

Bible forums are for the most part are dead like a ghost town and the few that are not dead are starting to show signs of death. I have started a one "Group" one Teaching one Bible one reasoning together place for people of like minds. The original teachings of HWA and todays Church of God teachings that are from HWA updated for today. href=
Three and they all have their companies.

It is not a Bible forum but it does have one place called Bible. It is still in the setup stage but that may not end.


clive Cussler
On TV 1953 one comedy one drama