GFNow in MA (GFNow)

GFNow in MA (GFNow)

GFNow in MA (GFNow)
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Southeastern MA
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
"Anything worth doing is worth having fun doing!"
and "You are as old as you feel."

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Christian and Spiritual
I am now a Naturopathic Physician licensed in the state of Oregon, but living in the unlicensed state of MA... where I am not recognized as a physician yet am unable to call myself a Naturopathic Physician, but can call myself a doctor and still able to practice, but not diagnose.
There is a bill in the house for licensing naturopathic doctors in MA... so call your representatives and ask them to support that bill.


ACIM, Two Hearts Are Better Than One by Bob Mandell; The Power of Now by Echart Tolle
Vegetarian Times, Purely Delicious, Natural Health
Calvin and Hobbs- have many of the books
All of Me; Surrender; Overboard are old favorites
Ecclectic, Jazz (esp Brazilian), Folk, Classic Rock
Vegan Raw, Vegan Cooked, Ethnic