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Matty (Matt_888)

Matty (Matt_888)
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West Yorkshire, UK
June 26
Cats, computing, food, drink, cats, how stuff works, travel, cats, drink, did I mention cats?
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Tout les temps en temps, bon temps roulez!
A magic carpet of sarcasm


Ginger (and darn proud of it)
Very left. Oh and sorry but I'm not 'offended' by your so-called patriotism or faith, nor your infantile remarks and memes, I find it all quite laughable!

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I have a short attention oh look a kitty
Depends how big the fly is
The Sun for soaking up spillages, The Daily Mail for picking up cat 'accidents'
If I stripped it would be very comical....
See 'Books'
Sitcoms, Panel Shows, Crime Dramas
60s/70s, Rock, Pop Rock, Country, Some Punk, Indie
Extreme Typing, Carrying 3 pints at once, Dodging the cat
North Yorkshire Coast, Cumbrian Coast, Shropshire, North Wales, County Mayo, That Place In My Head
Curry, Aubergine Parmigiana, Pizza, Chilli-con-carne, Bacon sarnies, Fish & Chips, And yes, of course, chocolate!