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February 9
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Living in the war zone
living in the war zone
little warrior that i am
this war that i am fighting
is not a war of flesh and blood
it is a spiritual war with in
i have the best weapons and armor
that my heavenly Father gave me
living in the war zone
living in the zone zone
little warrior that i am
when the battle gets to hard to fight
when i am ready to give up
my heavenly Father calls to me saying
my child my child here am i
come to me and i shall give you rest
living in the war zone
living in the war zone
so i run into my heavenly Fathers arms
for a time of rest and healing away from the war zone
wound tired little warrior that i am
safely in my fathers arm resting quietly in His loving arms
away from the war that rages on for a time of peace ,rest and healing
in my heavenly fathers arms am i but only for a time
living in the war zone
living in the war zone
little warrior that i am
when i am well rested and my wounds are healed
i shell fight again
back into the war zone back into the war zone
in tile i hear my heavenly Father call me come again for a time of rest
then i well run back into His arms again for a time of rest
by lily

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color of eyes change with mood
have none where what comfy to me at any given time
Fellow of Christ believe He is way the truth and the light .
have none
i think man should be with women and women with man as is taught in the bible God created us to go together i am with a man i love a lot too
in a relationship with a loving man who is sweet and has respected for me too
Gave birth to 3 kids but they was adopted out then placed back to fostercare after adopted mom abused them i care great for them they are never out of my mind pray for them too

have one furry kid her name is paw paws she looks black but is a dark coco kitty very sweet and loving to me

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    HEEEYYYY is lily anywhere? call me ok. i have not gotten an answer on the phone number i have. i have been trying to get back to you.
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    Report Violationglesgagirl|August 10, 2018 10:30 pm
    soo sorry we got cancelled, i said a swear word twice, and a fukin bitch cancelled me, if she was here id have her face off the cow,,,, anyway, i just wanted to say ,,,, i really like you,,, and thanks,x
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    Report ViolationKenny (HosemanMS)|August 24, 2017 12:49 am
    (((((((((Lily))))))))! Just thought I would drop you a line in your guest book! LOL Christian love from me too you and God bless you! :-)
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    Report ViolationWspringhnds|May 31, 2017 11:47 pm
    It has been so nice getting to know you!
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    Hi stormy, irs me sgain been a min since weve chatted. Hope your doing well.