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KayDee (KayDee1958AZ)
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software engineer, now disabled.
I am.

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less than before but more than I will be
Its not about size.
Its not about clothes.
money may give you a nip/tuck but for who?
Surgery will not help you get or keep your partner. If

These are all superficial changes.
The answer is free and ready to but,
Nothing can enhance beauty than a smile.
Proud to be a Christian. Its taken me awhile to get here, but I will never leave.
Child of God
fiscal conservative,
social liberal,
not worth the trouble it causes
happily single
Always looking for loyal friends.


Janette Oke, Robert Jordan, Stephanie Meyers, charlain harris, Orson Scott Card, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Nora Roberts/JD Robb
Seasons of the Heart series, Love Comes Softly Series, Ender's Game, The Shack, twilight series, true blood series, The Ship Who Sang, Born in Fire (series)
Readers Digest, Consumer's Reports
Jesus Christ Superstar, The Help, Twilight series, Sound of Music, Office Space
True Blood, Big Bang Theory, Old Two and a half men, NCIS, Survivor
Christian, Country, classic rock, musicals
home watching the travel station-they always have the best seats (first class) and the best weather