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Our Beautiful Blue Planet Earth . WV USA



Website: http://www.tenton5.com
February 1
Science, Ways of Life, Music, Art, Creating a Cooperative and Peaceful Civilization, Preservation of Our Biosphere. Individual Freedom. Scottish Highland Piper in my younger days !!

LIcensed to carry a concealed pistol for about ten years now.
Never drew my weapon against anyone at all. (Did not accidentally shoot myself either !!) One does need to protect family and friends in these very trying times today....though this seems best done by "looking ahead" and avoiding danger if possible. Never leave a weapon where a child can get their hands on it.
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
90 year old retiree..."Nelson"..Veteran of WW2 and Korean War

(Elkhorn High School and Maybeury Elementary School in McDowell County, West Virginia USA) (VPI Undergraduate)
"One is Noble, who knows unselfish concern for All Peoples and for the Plants and Animals on our Planet Earth.."

"There is only one good, that is Compassion. There is only one evil, that is Indifference."

"LIfe exists simply for the purpose of beng lived." (Goethe)

"No one is an Island...we are all part of the maine...therefore, ask not for whom the bell tolls...it tolls for thee." (John Dunne)

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