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My Answer To Sniping & Snarking

I have been around the online networks since way before the Internet reared its head and became the paramount, actually the only, network. In that time I have been sharing a large number of the 90,000 recipes that I collected in 34+ years working all over the world, being online in the old “free-net” days of dial-up BBS’s, etc.

Until recently, very recently, my cooking acumen & veracity has not been challenged or called into question. It sees that the fact that I have so many recipes is not believable. I collected many in person, from cultural archives in countries where I was working, from friends, from other cooking group’s members, etc. and I always cite the origin or source of each recipe yet that seems not to be enough for some folks. I prepare or have had prepared for me all of those recipes I post/publish online.

Truthfully, I am not a trained chef. I am a cooking-freak! I like to cook, to tweak, to alter and to originate recipes. I have taken more than few culinary arts courses, classes, etc. I have huge collection of cookbooks and I use them. Online I am in no fewer than 122 cooking/cuisine related groups, some of which I own r mange. Bottom line of this discussion is that I enjoy sharing my knowledge, sharing my recipe collection as well as earning for others. What I do not enjoy is answering inane questions about stuff I post/publish online that is easily answered by simply ‘Googling’ the question’s subject matter. When someone asks something like, ”What is kashkeval?” My answer is usually, “Google it!” I mean after all that IS what the Internet is all about! Sorry but I spend a huge amount of tie online researching many things, working, writing & simply do not want to answer things that can be answered in great detail online.

Having said all of the above now let m say this, I will continue to share my recipes & other items on the Net in the myriad number of groups to which I belong, own or manage. If you do not like what I say write, post or publish then ignore it!


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