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January 28
Riding my motorcycles, researching modifocations and upgrades for my motorcycles, ordering parts for my motorcycles & planning trips, going riding without plans, and riding some more.

What's in My Garage? Yamahas! 2002 Vstar 1100 Custom, 2007 vstar 1300 tourer with Hannigan Classic sidecar, 2008 vstar 1300 without sidecar so i can lean!

Find me on Twitter @BikerBunnyD
Pastor at Handlebars & Loud Pipes Church
Fiber Artist & Jewelry Designer
Director Boxer Rescue of VT
Owner Pampered Pet Dog Grooming; Pet Sitting
Stunt Rider, Jill of all trades
Psalm 29:11
2002 vstar 1100 custom, 2007 vstar 1300 tourer w hannigan classic sidecar, 2008 Yamaha vstar 1300

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Black Leather!
i have a relationship not a religion.
White American


Me (yes i write), Willie Shakesphere, John Paul Satre`, Bill &/or Louis Wilson
haynes manuals, Bible-(Basic instructions before leaving earth), do it yourself all subjects
Dog fancy, Rider
New York Times, Brattleboro Reformer
Far Side, Marmaduke, howard huge
Wallace and Gromet (love gromet's side car!), Cadillac Records, Mr Bean, anything with William H Macy, anything with Clint Eastwood
Rowan Atkinson (aka: mr bean), Stuart Little
Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Black Gospel
Allman Brothers, Government Mule, Nickleback, Creed, Lynrd Skynrd, Little Feat, Muddy Waters, Billie Holiday
hiking, swimming
NY Rangers!!!
Anywhere is great on 2 wheels
Fresh picked peaches & honey crisp apples, lobster, blackened tuna & wasabi, green tea ice cream, Steak on grill, Dark Roasted Coffee