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Batcave, Gotham City California
May 9
They told me there was nothing out there, nothing to fear...But the night my parents were murdered, I caught a glimpse of something...I've looked for it ever since...I went around the world, searched in all the shadows...and there is something out there in the darkness...something terrifying...something that will not stop until it gets its revenge...ME
Batman...Batman Begins

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God (You know, The Bible), Brad Meltzer, RP Nettelhorst
Logos Bible Library , The Zero Game (Meltzer), Somewhen Obscurely (Nettlehorst), Book Of Lies (Meltzer), comic BOOKS
PC magazines
Sunday Paper (for the coupons ads)
Passion Of The Christ, Negotiator, Heartbreak Ridge, Batman Begins, Star Wars All, The Dark Knight, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Batman 89, Wonder Woman, Highlander 1&2, Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America: First Avenger
In Touch w/Charles Stanley, Lost, Highlander, Forensic Files, 24, X-Files, The Pretender
Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang on Smallville)
Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Metal, New Wave, Alternative, 80's
Stryper, Petra, The Police, Joan Jett, White Cross, Survivor, Janny Grein, Carman, Michael W Smith, Def Lepard, Duran Duran, John Mellencamp, Bush, They Might Be Giants, Smashing Pumpkins; Concrete Blonde; The Police; Styx; Matchbox 20; Green Day; Christian Band: Bleach, Nitro Praise
Da Cubs, Da White Sox (but black uniforms), Da Bulls, Da Sting (soccer), Da Bears, Da Blackhawks
Chicago All, Senn Bulldogs
Give me one, and I'll let you know.
Alligator; Shark; Snake.


5'12" BUT not 6 feet.
fluctuates, between 175 and 195. Today its 165.
Uhm, hazel, whatever color that is. Its not in the crayon box, is it??
Usually jeans and Tee shirt. Lately, the superhero raver club shirts have been my attire.
I hate religion. I love God and his people tho
I'm not white. If I were white, i'd be a ghost.
I'm not caucasion, because I am not from the mountains of caucus.
I'm not black. But, then again, neither is anyone else.
I'm not hispanic. Who's from hispania?
I'm not oriental. Oops, that's not PC, so, I'm not Asian, either
So, it's just easier to say what I am.
I am 100% red-blooded American.
Republican, but, not exclusively so.
Relationship?? What the heck is that?
Yes, i am.
I collect Batman, Star Wars, and superheroes items.

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    Looking above here, I see someone else ran afoul of the boss. I'm sure I'll be next.

    I really enjoyed talking to you. But, I won't be coming back to this forum. I thank you for your help. And, I will continue to work on my reading.

    Thanks again.

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    Christian Bale is the BEST Batman EVER! :)
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    sorry I couldn't answer your last post, it seems my privileges are taken aware for defending myself against the boss