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Born and raised in Southern Florida otherwise known as Hurricane Alley
July 28
Just remember this when asking me who I am: "The physical being that we are, can be changed anyway that a person wants to. The internal self that we each are, that is what I care about and want to learn about. So when you want to know who I am, look through my eyes, through the words that I type for you will have a vision of my soul and that is what defines who I am."
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Oh, Heaven, it is mysterious, it is awful to consider that we not only carry a future Ghost within us; but are, in very deed, Ghosts! ~Thomas Carlyle

"Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit. Of these, spirit is primary, for it connects us to the source of everything, the eternal field of consciousness."
- Deepak Chopra

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Camoflauge anything mainly. Mixed in with University of Miami gear
1/2 Asian 1/2 Puerto Rican
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the things you want to know, the questions that you have. There is not enough space to put those answers here, if you are willing to go beyond the external, and learn about who I am. then ask me those questions, I will be more than happy to respond. All things physical, they can be changed. Its whats on the inside that matters, for that is what makes each of us who or what we are.

To those who ask me what I speak of when talking about why I am so thankful. March 12th of this year I was nearly killed by a driver who was texting and driving. I came close to losing my life and leg, so I leave you with this. The paramedics that responded and the doctors who chose to go with surgery instead of any other option are those that I owe my life to. So I leave you with this, tell those you know that you love them each day, because if something should happen, you want them to remember those comments.


Mark Dawson, Lee Child, Andy Maslen,
Jack Reacher Series, Professional biographies involving either the medical field or military memoirs
Fast and Furious series
Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and PD, NightWatch, Survivor, All CSI series, Hawaii Five-O
Country, Native American
Garth Brooks, High Valley, Rachel Platten, Brantley Gilbert, Florida Georgia Line, One Republic (I Lived), Wiz Khalifa, The Script, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Trace Adkins
Bowling for fun
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