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Pauly (soldierpaul1)

Pauly (soldierpaul1)
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live in Kansas, but come from WA :))
March 6
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Always give your best. It is not a failure if you tried and didn't succeed, only if you failed because you didn't try. Tired of being a strings attached to me :)

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5'4 1/2
dark brown, like a dear
dark brown
Love tshirts and jeans. Like to wear country/western shirts
white w/ 1/4 Nez Perce indian
Me love the girlie sex
what's that?
3 boys and a girl
Honesty is always best. Hate people that talk about others behind their backs.



stepen king, John Grisham
anything from them
Army times, Soldiers monthly
stars and stripes
was calvin and hobbes, and of course the far side
like thrillers, action, laughing
Law and Order, Monk, House (awesome) gotta love Dr. House
no favorite
just love music
baseball, football, basketball, soccer
any Seattle team
Italy, Spain, greece
anything except spinach