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Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
But what a fool believes ... he sees
No wise man has the power to reason away
What seems ... to be
Is always better than nothing

--- Doobie Brothers

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Ian McDonald, Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, William Gibson, John Irving, Charles Dickens, Dan Simmons, José Saramago, Phillip K. Dick, Haruki Murakami, Charles Stross, Graham Greene, David Brin.
Anything by the guys above.
Seattle Times, Carlsbad Current Argus
12 Monkeys, 21 Grams, American Graffiti, Babel, Blade Runner, Bottle Rockets, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Coffee and Cigarettes, Conspiracy Theory, Contact, Collateral, Crash, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Dr. Strangelove, Enders Game, Ghost In The Shell, Ghost Dog, Good Will Hunting, Gross Point Blank, High Fidelity, Hugo, Inception, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Memento, Michael Clayton, Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space (1999), Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Paris In Midnight, Pulp Fiction, Rodriquez, Saving Private Ryan, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Signs, Snatch, Social Network, Star Wars (1997), The Big Labowski, The Castle, The Commitments, The Deer Hunter, The English Patient, The Ladykillers (2004), The Last of the Mohicans (1992), The Matrix, The Professional, The Shawshank Redemption , The Straight Story, There Will Be Blood, "Up", Training Day. , True Grit (2010)
TV is 90% pure, unadulterated crap, the following shows notwithstanding: Cash Cab, Myth Busters, "Lost", and Science Tuesdays on Discovery Channel.
Indie Rock, Blues, Classic Rock, Techno.
Father John Misty, David Gray, The Walkmen, Bon Iver, M. Ward, Elvis Perkins, The Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Neko Case, Ry Cooder, The Low Anthem, CocoRosie, Rogue Wave, Gotan Project, The Beatles, Tom Waits.
No doubt about it "Mexican"