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North Houston, down the road and around the corner.
January 17
love to read, especially now i have a KINDLE, so much better on the hands.

I have a great love for animals

I love my bike/trike and intend on getting out there after the HEAT!

My Bucket List was of 3 main items.....1.) Skydiving (did it on 08-08-08) 2.) Getting my own motorcycle......got my '03 Yamaha V* 1100 Custom, now she has a Towpac kit on her due to back problems. 3.) To see the Grand Canyon !!
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Was working for Loss Prevention in large drug chain, but became ill enough to be called "Disabled" now. Tried to work, short Term and Long Term, with company car and driving 200 miles round trip and staying in motels and vsiting my stores in my region, found me having to stop sometimes to rest on side of road...so decided it was time to stop working at the job I had for 14 years, and really loved. Bought the company car cheap for a second vehicle and stay home now and cuss the MF'er that gave blood one day, that I recieved during surgery and ended up with Hep-C. Went through a Interferon treatment from HELL for 14 months, (I have the type 1B, hardest to treat) I completed the treatment, cleared for 6 weeks and the Hep-C decided it liked me too much to stay away. I chose NOT to treat again until something comes down the road without the PERMANANT sides effects, the doctors stated that would go away within 6 weeks. Well guess what.....they didnt! Alot of people with this chit I talk to on a forum here said the same thing. Now I am stuck with permanant depression, fatigue, pain~that I go to Pain management now. Triggered Fibromyalgia, having this chit is a witch...with a capital "B". Some people say Fibro is in your head....Newsflash: It's all over your body. Some days are good, some forget it. I have 2 herniated disc's in lower back and arthritis in my neck. So this chit only aggravates that pain. The meds help, husband took awhile to understand my left-over problems from that toxic treatment, but only after a scare of prostate cancer for himself. Made him go to the doctor with me one time and he heard enough to know I was serious about what I go through day to day. He was lucky, after many biopsies, he does not have prostate cancer. My main problem is the fatigue and having cardiogenic and Heat Syncope, it pisses me off that I can't get out in the heat and RIDE MY MOTORCYCLE!! dammit! I wanted my own bike for years and finally get it, then freakin heat keeps me from going out and doing what I normally had NO problems with. Thats why I love the V-Star forum, I enjoy the people and they keep me UP. I AM NOT CONTAGIOUS! Been with husband for 33 years and he does not have it, so you do not get this from casual sex, like some doctors like to say. Blood to Blood contact only. I had a hystectomy a year after I had my daughter, from cervical cancer. So I think I have had enough already........come on cool weather all year round please. I want to ride my bike every damn day! For now she sits in garage, I start her everyday. Hubby rides her to work sometimes to keep her going. He is use to his HD (boo) but he knows my bike needs to be rode. When I hear him taking off with my cobra pipes, I want to start throwing things....but this is life and we all have problems we have to deal with on a daily basics. I deal with mine, have lost a few friends from this chit, but I'm one of the lucky ones, so far....My blood levels stay in normal range and liver looks good on ultrasounds. I have 2 tumors in my liver, but they are not cancerous. They just like to check it out every 6 months, to make sure they arent growing. So far, so good.! They are small, and don't interfere with my liver filtering propertly.
So, I do not work, tried to hang with my job, but couldnt, so on cool days, I like to get in yard and do little landscape jobs. I care for 6 box turtles. My dad had them in Florida, he could no longer take care of them, so I brought them home with me, built them an outdoor pen, and I take care of keeping their pen clean with pine straw, water and food. They are cool creatures to watch. Sometimes on a bad day, I can watch one of those slow-ass turtles try to get up on something and fall over, but the turtle will keep trying until it goes to wear it worked so hard to get too. So YEP, one day...it hit me, if a freakin turtle can do it...I CAN TOO! So I do what I can....as long as I stay out of the heat. I learned my lesson on that one. Thanks t o Mick for the cooling Vest, and the girls and guys who fuss with me on here, I enjoy the bantering back and forth....just like a family! All my family live in Florida, so ALL of you who read this are my Texas family and thanks for allowing me to join this group of knuckleheads, and oh how I wish I could go to your yearly runs to New Mexico and meet you all in person! 8/29/11
"Don't Worry~Be Happy"
As of June 2012, My Bike is now a Trike. I dropped my bike once the 3 years i had her, but started realizing that it was getting harder to hold her up when stopped. It made my shoulders and back hurt when it didnt before. My Spine Doctor sent me to a Fibromyalgia Chiropractor and he told me NO MORE RIDING, I told him I was going to TRIKE my bike, so he was ok on that. he knew I rode my 4-wheeler at our other place in the country. She is finally completed after all this time, and rode her some, but not enough lately. With the heat, then my cams had to be pulled and cleaned,hubby works 12-16 hr days 6 days a week, so it takes awhile to get work done on bike. My mother having a stroke and having to go to Florida for 3 weeks, now I am home and found out gas line needs to be ordered, so looking at another week....seems like something doesnt want me out riding! But its gonna happen! I love my Trike now, and hubby has his harley road King, and I dont like it, when I hear him roar off and my trike is sittin in garage, so told him, it's time for me to get out there and get some miles in! So gas line is ordered and waiting for the 7-10 days for it to get here....ok, counting down the days....TO BE CONTINUED..... OK!! Its July 8th, 2012 and my Trike is ready to rock and roll, and it's RAINING! I so wanna get out there and ride her to get use to riding a Trike! There are a few difference's and I need to get those worked out and so I can get on the road and out of my neighborhood and church parking lot! So Tomorrow when roads arent slick and its not to rain....I will be out there bright and early riding my Trike :Maggie May" and become one with her, so we can get out and about and to many rides going on around Houston! I have missed so many Charity Rides. I ride with the Houston Southern Cruisers and havent been able to get out on any rides at all for 6 mos now. I have alot of catching up to do. Last Charity event I went to was with BIKERS FOR BIKERS and with things I added to Auction items, I brought in $70 for the Childrens Cancer Hospital here in Houston. That made me feel great to be able to help the kids out! Now I can get back out there!

**August 30, 2012** Well, I have been riding and have finally gotten over my stalling Issues! I even rode in the rain for the first time a few days ago! I thought I would freak out! Just now got out on to the streets, to get use to riding the trike from a Bike. It was a steady 10 min light rain, so I actually enjoyed it! Until I couldnt see, with all these spots on windshield and shades! We need a way to have windshield wipers on our windsheilds! LOL. If it was heavy rain, I wud have stopped. But it was good to know, I can ride in light rain and not freak out, I was riding all alone out there too! Trying to get "My Freeway On" now and get my butt on it!! Gonna try this weekend. let ya know how it goes. To Be Continued......Well my bike name has changed from Maggie May, to "Ma~Ma's Puppy" My 7 lb poodle looks like a puppy, instead of an almost 16 yr old man with cancer, will be losing him soon, so I call my trike Mama's Puppy, already have the photo, that will be airbrushed on tank of his little face...
*************.Well Guess Who is Back ** Dec. 1 st, 2016.
Been off here awhile. Been hell last 3 years. I lost my mother Nov. 4, 2013.Also an Aunt, like a second Mother. They were Sisters she passed 9/11/13. Both found put they had Cancer at same time and both were
told were told they had 6 Mons. So I lost my 2 Moms and a week after my Mom passed To the day another Aunt passed, cancer as well. Her husband, my Bio fathers brother passed the following Nov. 2014. With these 4 passing, It was the last of each parents Generation.
January 26 th, 2015, My "Little Man" gave up his fight with his cancer at !8 years old ! That was extremely hard to go through. So, as you see,
wen a rough time and finally climbed out the dark hole into sunlight.
So I'm Back !! Smiling Again...... :)
Health is still in normal range. Smiling some more !!well :) . !!*!

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