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Jimmy G (JMGarrison)
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January 17
1) Being a stand-up, honourable guy.
2) Motorhead and everything Motorhead...
3) Jack Daniels.......and everything Jack.
4) DD
5) Motorcycle riding.......and hangin' with stand-up honourable guys....
....and the girls that go with em'.
6) Painting the odd Bike or Lid...... just a hobby but quality A1.
7) Continuing Interests 1 thru 6.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
2nd Officer Chapter 57 Burlington.
Signage Guru at Marvel Sign & Display Inc.
Airbrush and paint Artist on the side....
Listen to it Loud !
Carry on.....
That's Right !
Fk Sakes !
I'll share your Jack once we drink mine...
2002 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado......custom painted Black Hole Metallic with a little more Black........a Jack Daniels theme.
Too much chrome to note.......
I hear there's a cream to help with this.

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6 feet
Now Grey, unless I shave it off
Denim, Leather and a bit more of each...
Rock'n'Roll and Motorhead
Canadian to the bone with a we bit of ol 'Irish' and 'Norse' Amsterdam blood.....
What's right is right........what's wrong is wrong.....
Political correctness is bullshit........
Kill 'em all and let 'God' sort them out......
Leave your attitude at the door.....or keep walkin'.
Girls, girls and more girls.......
Ask Dee - I'm hers.
Dee's daughter - Christine
Listen to it Loud!
Carry on........
That's Right !
....and I'll share your Jack once we drink mine.


Yves Lavine Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy - White Line Fever Hell's Angel's at WAR
V-Twin Mojo
Are for dopes without a bike
Are these funny chicks who take their clothes off ?
Action / Adventure / Biography / Comedy
International Soccer Players
Classic Rock, Heavy Metal and Punk. Did I say Motorhead ?
Motorhead, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Halford and of course, Jeff Beck
NFL (real football) and yes, I'm a good sport
On my RoadStar....and they will come out with a little hair spray.
Yes, food is good.