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The Heartland
Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, and make counter accusations

If you love something,
set it free.
If it comes back to you
it's yours.
If it doesn't,
it never was.

I am not on this earth to live up to your expectations and you are not on this earth to live up to mine. I am I and you are you. But, if by chance we find each other, that is beautiful.

Never do today what you can get someone else to do for you...LOL

Two wrongs don't make a right, but two rights makes you go back the way you just came from.
I'm enough of a character I don't need nuttin else.....

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not vertically challenged
not anorexic
red, well, strawberry blonde these days with all the grey
Jeans or sweats or whatever is comfortable.
Naked is good too.
Mostly Irish and German
no stance, but would like to stomp on a few
Been thru orientation. Graduated with honors, got my diploma, seeking students to teach....
in a relationship once again.
Not unless it's another emaculate conception...LOL
If you need help, call me. If you mean to do me harm, call a ambulance. You'll need it.


Steven King, Don Pendelton, John Connolly and Phillip Margolin
Thrillers & Crime Dramas
Cars, how too's, outdoor stuff, woodworking, home improvement, etc
USA Today, and our local morning paper.
Any of them that make me laugh
Action, Martial Arts, Crime Dramas
Not much time for TV, but like the crime shows, and the home improvement and woodworking shows on sat. morn on PBS
Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van dam, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy to name a few
Oldies, some new stuff, some country.
Beatles & any 60/70's
Auto racing, hockey, football
Europe, Australia, Carribean
oriental, European, Mexican & most seafood.