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The_Rock (JABRONI256)
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February 24
Video production, live tv production, broadcasting, politics, hockey, economics, climate change.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
"We'll fix it in post"

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Where I like it....finally sugar;)
The Bible belongs in my fiction section.
Pasty white
Centrist Liberal, leaning slightly left all the time.
I'm a contorsonist, orientation is easy for me.
Few and far between.
Yes, I'm still one.
Broadcast Professional, editor, shooter, motion graphics designer, producer.


I read for educational and personal fulfillment.
Is there anything in pages that you can't find on a tv screen? Alot of you would like to think so but the reality is that TV has destroyed print...I know, a tragedy.
I don't support a binder full of pages full of ads
I admit I read the newspaper, I read a great many, my local, my right wing National Post, my Torontonian Globe&Mail....yep I'm a news hound.
My life.
Nothing grabbing me recently.
The Wire, The Shield, Da'Vinci's Inquest, Intelligence, The Romeo Section, The Young Pope, Berlin Station, Deadwood, Bosch, The Man in the High Castle, The Deuce, Real Time with Bill Maher
Nobody you'd know.
Nothing you've heard of.
Hockey...there are no other legitimate sports.
Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks
My cabin at Lake Manitoba. Prestine.
Whatever my hearts desire for creation, cooking is really a joy among joys that people should experience, because its not as difficult as most people suspect.