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Ottawa, Ontario
and for the record..."FANCY IS GOOD DAMN IT"
August 15
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Everyone has the right to be stupid, some just abuse the privilege.

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward."

- have to add this ...cause i like it -

The slave escapes her bonds to find a stronger set of chains. ~ Anonymous

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yeah right
brown/grey strikes ~ age does that~
whatever my little heart desires
Yes i have one
French Canadian
Liberal, but we wont talk politics...:)
can't tell all my secrets,
take this spot....give a little about me...

Let's see,i work in the IT field, which of course keeps tylenol in business ~i knew i should have bought stocks~ lol. i am simply me, nothing more, nothing less. This is when i take time for me, to relax, unwind meet new friends.


Micheal Moorecock, Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind; Marion Zimmer Bradley and so many others
Mists of Avalon; Story of O; Tapestry; Moonchild to name a few
Ottawa Citizen; Gazette
Better or Worse Dilbert
Cat People
i dont really watch tv...does Hockey count
have many i real favourites
all types... except i really dont like house or rap
Peter Gabriel Eagles Nickleback etc there any other ....heheheheh
Ottawa Sens
depends on time of yr and my mood
thai...but loves everything...loves to cook