Teri B. (Tessa0623)

Teri B. (Tessa0623)

Teri B. (Tessa0623)
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June 23
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Dignity is the ability to keep from one's lips what never should have been in the mind in the first place

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The more comfortable the better.
Married since 1981
three children


Sharyn McCrumb, Dianna Gabaldon, J.P. Rowling
I like series books with the same characters, which reflects my author choices. I love Quilting books, Harry Potter, the Left Behind series , medical thrillers and religious books
Quilter's Newletter, Quilting Arts
I read the local paper once in a while, but I prefer to get my news from Fox News
No papers.. no comics I guess
I try to see a movie once a week. I like many different movies, but I don't like violent movies. There is enough of that in real life.
Lost, GlennBeck, Monk, the 4400
Sandra Bullock, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Brendon Frazier
Just about any kind, but I HATE RAP!!!
I.Pearlman, Andre Boccelli, Faith Hill, Lonestar, Tim McGraw, Movie Soundtracks of various artists
Baseball-"is there any other sport?"
Cleveland Indians
Don't care for travel, but I would like to go back to DC sometime I go to Paducah KY for the AQS show once a year.
Southern Food is my favorite, but I also like some Chinese, and Italian foods