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Urich,Missouri, USA. The member since 2004 was when I set up a new account after being gone for awhile due to cancer and Illness.. thats when I changed my nic from rangeryder to podu... I really been around since lycos..lol..God Love ya all !
March 5
Horses,Family, Fishing,restoring my 1954 chevy 3100 pickup
medically retired
It'll be ok...Hug a Vet...
Stay away from where ya ain't wanted or welcome. It relieves stress... n if that don't work.. Shoot em
as said above I am in the process of a ground up restoration of a 1954 chevy 3100 pickup...

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5' 11"
237 til cancer took me to 109.. but am 174 now and still gaining.....
blonde at one time, dark since regrowth after radiation and chemo...alot of grey now
Jeans, Shirt, Resistol hat, Tony Lama boots...what else would an old cowboy wear????
Christian, I have an understanding of other religions (I've studied them), but the only true way is through a true personal relatsionship with Jesus Christ..
German,Shoshone indian, n just plain ole Cowboy...
it all sux, and now we are in real trouble
yes I am very oriented to sex
way too many and 14 grandchildren, gonna be 15 soon, actually 6 biological kids, 5 foster kids, 6 step kids..all the grandchildren are from biological kids.. seldom see or hear from foster kids anymore..
e-mail burnrich@hotmail.com,PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND E-MAIL AND I WILL ANSWER...


Tom Clancy among many
Country, oldies rock
Jamie Johnson