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Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York
May 3
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
"In every revolution, there's one man with a vision"

The profile membership date lies.
I've been a member since 1991. I am a dinosaur of Delphi, fondly remembering the simpler days of text only service, yet obviously not rejecting web based service.

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On the above average side of female height
I'm sorry - what was the question?
Brown with still only a few grey hairs.
When I was in my teens, I didn't want to be like the others who made statements with their choice of clothes, hair, etc. I rebelled by not joining my peers in making a noticeable statement. I had opinions that were voiced in simple questions and simple remarks. I wasn't doing it deliberately. I just wanted to be me.

When I was in my twenties, I never fit the fashion statement of "in". I tended to be conservative in that regard. My hair got shorter and shorter, even though the look of the late 70's into the 80's was still long and flowing, a la Farrah Fawcett. I didn't feel the need to join in how others were making their point. I could make the same point without all the hoopla. I wasn't doing it deliberately. I was just being me.

When I reached my thirties, I found that the groundwork of who I am and how I make my statements had been laid in the prior decades of my life. It wasn't that I was plain or conservative or just wimpy in my choices. My style was one of simple lines - nothing fancy, nothing bold. A statement in subtlety, which is how I tend to approach life. I wasn't doing it deliberately. I was merely continuing to be me.

As I pass the age of fifty, that clothing style still remains and will be with me, I suspect, for the rest of my days. My hair is about the only thing that's changed periodically, short to long to short again, and, like its owner, has a mind of its own. I have come to realize that my late grandmother was correct when she called me a "bucker" (yes, I did hear her right). I am a renegade in my own right - a quiet one, but a renegade nonetheless.

I have also realized that I was doing it deliberately all along, although not always consciously.

Yes, it's me, and I shall continue to be me until my last day on the planet.
I am a very deeply spiritual person, but refuse to embrace any one religious viewpoint on who/what and how the Creator should be viewed. Starts arguments, starts wars, and I'm not into either. Accept my stance on the subject and I'll accept yours.
I'm Human - yourself?
Ever so middle of the road, with leanings toward liberalism and conservatism given the topic and moment.
Single, not looking to have a relationship online. I have a very strong and negative opinion of "adult fun" on the internet. It's impersonal, deceptive (just who and how old IS the person you're talking to?) and can get out of hand in a dangerous way. No, never experienced it, but know the reality of it from others who have. That tirade out of the way, I prefer face-to-face and have settled for nothing less. :-)
Just the feline kind. I was never blessed with children and they were never cursed to have me as their mom.


Don't read enough
Don't read enough
Haven't subscribed to one in ages.
NonSequitur, Blondie, Zits, Garfield, For Better or Worse
Haven't been to one in ages. Maybe when they make a seat with legroom.
If it's not on a DVD from the library, I haven't seen it., Almost any rerun.
Don't have any I regularly follow.
Jazz (not too modern, please), classical (Debussy is a personal favorite), some new age (don't inundate me with Enya), some Middle Eastern, and of course 60's/70's music, the music of my youth.
Too many to list.
Is walking a sport, 'cause that's the best it gets.
Where have I been that I love? Any state in New England. Where are my dream vacation spots, northern and Western New York (a native and never been - sad), all points south on the Eastern seaboard up to and including Florida. Also the Canadian Atlantic coast calls as well.
Too many to list. All I ask is that I'm not served lima beans or monkey's brains.