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December 24
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)

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2,174 lbs.
A stormy, irridescent squint of emptiness and mindless boredom...
My fashion statement can be summed up in two words: Mini. T.
Personal connection and relationship with the Almighty, the Creator, God the Father,for he watches over us all... Even YOU!
Caucasian, but you wouldn't know it right away...
The end is near, and I've been investing in canned food and shotguns for a while now. I suggest, tentatively, that you do the same.
I am an evil, evil man, corrupt to his cold, empty core; I will always be alone, until the hoary grip of death's cold fleshless hand cords round my neck...
Yes... Chris Jr., Christine, Christina, Christian, Chrissy, Christopher, Chrisanthimum, Christianne (with an accent, see), Christal, Christy, Christoban, Christophoeles (bad kid... That's what I get for being cute with the names!), Christen, Joe, Jack, Dan, and Bob.
Hi! My name's Chris, and I like freeze dried pets, hairspray, colored light bulbs, cigarettes and I laugh every time I see a fat man on a moped. Sometimes, at night, I have amazing dreams that are so real that I swear I was awake. Sometimes, it's just a stream of images that frighten and confuse me, and I begin to feel helpless and lost, ground into a gross fiberwork of uncaring silicates and glassy dust. I haven't seen a good movie in ages. I've been playing a video game for days straight, and only just realized that all my pets are starving. There are dried up blister-barnacles on my feet, dead skin falls away routinely now, with every passing moment; should I find that significant? Did I spell that correctly? I keep an austere but untidy collection of various supersticious fetishes, totems, artifacts, knicknacks, mementos, charms, just a wierd little voodoo for my personal space. Do other people do this? I would like to think so, but every time I do I find it very difficult to imagine what others might have as their charms. Some people might replace my wooden demon-turtle guardians from... somewhere... with, let's just say, human heads. That would be tragic, and scary, and wouldn't say much for the practice of personal space voodoo.
Who do?
You do...
That's enough of that. Colors fascinate me. I was convinced, as a kid, that certain alchemical application and re-application of the right sequence of crayon colors would somehow, through magic or chemistry, create a new color, one that wasn't in the box, one that could only be emulated by following this precise, random formula I just carefully experimented with. This would be MY color, and it would be unlike any color ever known to man. This color never really materialized as I hoped. It turns out that when you mix too many colors, even if you scratch all the crayon off, you get black. There is already a black crayon, though... There is something in the grace and majesty and complete alienness of the penguin that captivates me. I have hundreds of penguins in my collection... Only one of them is valuable. It is a small golden bird with a tiny ruby in it's eye. It is lovely, and quite valuable, and I only gave it away once, but I got it back.
Smokers only.


Great God and the Glory... THIS could certainly go on and on, couldn't it? Top of the list, definitely HP LOVECRAFT. Past him, I gotta go with James Joyce, Dubliners specifically, and Tolkien closely following, then Melvile for Moby Dick alone, too, too many. For trashy fantasy I must turn to Jordan, the Wheel of Time has ground me thoroughly, and I hunger constantly for more. Maugham is good, so is Palahniuk, so's Thomas Hardy, Ray Carver, I don't much care for chick fantasy novels, though, they get lame in a hurry. I also despise poetry. This makes me a bad person, I think, but I do not care. Poetry is bad. Rots the mind. Corrupts the purity of the craft. Orwell is good. Faulkner is good. I haven't had a chance to read Catcher in the Rye yet, so don't ask me about Salinger. I kinda dig DH Lawrence, whatever shit people choose to talk. I've always been a big fan of Dumas, and Howard Lin Carter, and Fritz Lieber is a must read for all Roleplayers... I must stop. I could do this interminably...
I'll make this short. Top 5- 1. Moby Dick by Herman Melville, 2. Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa, 3. The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien (I reserve the right to count the whole trilogy as one big ass book, because that's the way the man intended the thing to be read.), 4. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Douglas Adams (best in the series), 5. Lean Times In Lankhmar, Fritz Lieber (it's actually one story, but I count the whole book with it, it's that damn good.)
I don't really read Magazines... Does porn count?
Don't read the papers. Nothin' but hype and garbage in them nowadays...
I really only liked the comic strip Bloom County, which later became Outland and was twice as good. I liked Opus, the penguin. That was some funny shit. Berkley Breathed, if you care to know...
Shit... CONAN. Best movie ever. Followed closely by... PREDATOR... followed closely by Pulp fiction, I suppose, just because it is too damn good to leave off this list... Citizen Kane... Full Metal Jacket... Apocalypse Now... I don't really have patience for bad movies. A movie has to be really impressive for me to actually like it. Last good movie I saw was Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and it was the first good movie I'd seen in years... I must say that The Seven Samurai must tie with Predator for number two. Nothing, however, no force of nature nor wrath of ye gods nor any contrivance or strength of mere men be able, no matter the coordination and cunning in thier execution of the dire plot, manage to dethrone CONAN!
Don't watch a lot of TV... Samurai Jack... Cowboy Bebop... Any documentary on any zany little dark corner of history or lost civilization or any, and I do mean ANY war or aspect of war or even theories of wars, and anything about mystic sites and unexplained things... I watch a lot of History Channel...
What? Are you kidding? Ok... Heston! Shatner! Eastwood! The DUKE!! Arnold, and you better damn well know which Arnold I'm talking about! I don't know, there are many, many good actors, but sometimes, even the best actor can do a shitty movie, y'know?
All kinds, all kinds. I'm pretty eclectic with my musical tastes.
See above.
Don't really care. I like to see a good game every now and then, but I don't have the energy to follow a team.
Tijuana Donkey Rapers (Arena Futbol)
Vacation? Vacation from what? I'm always on vacation, baby...
Mexican food. Mushrooms. I like a great many foods, as one look at me will attest; however, I am so incredibly, inhumanly obise that I cannot, indeed, be seen all at once. One look, certainly, is not enough.