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Central Ozarks USA
October 14
change, fun, friendship, cooking and romance
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
celebrating 30 years in therapeutic body work and ancient healing arts, reiki, American Indian shamanic, natural crystal,healing, nutraceuticals, Ayurveda and light work.
Tesla and David Bowie jamming ;)

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between me and God. i don't like religion but i definitely believe in Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. He is the same one in your "Word of God" but my word of God has evolved. It is called The Urantia Book and free online. Growing up as a Christian, a lot didn't make sense to me when i read and as i continued to study The Bible. Mainly, that God impregnated Mary in some etheral way when she is a daughter. That men who wrote it say she had a virgin birth was disturbing. The Urantia Book says Mary and Joseph were married and Mary was visited by Gabriel YES! That Mary was visited by Gabriel to tell her the special nature of the son she would give birth to ~that much rings true of God and the uncomprehendably orderly heirarcy of the Heavens. ~i am a spiritual being on a human journey (i like that). ~GOD: good orderly direction (i like this too). Maybe you will take a peep at The Urantia Book and the full and complete Life and Teachings of Jesus, and the history of this universe and our planet too someday. That is why i wrote this here. For you whenever you want it someday. All God wants for us and looks for in us is good, brave and loving intent. that is really all you need. Favorite Bible verse: Timothy II 1:7 God hath not given you a spirit of fear ~but of love, power and sound mind.
Chickasaw Am. Indian German w/a weeee bit of Irish
Are you 18 or older? Think of Parkland Shootings and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! ~~~~~As it stands, the biggest turds always rise to the top and only our youth can make it stop. This is the best political stance anyone, young or old can have!
wouldn't you like to know!
want to know anything about an aromatherapy oil? most oils are not of a therapeutic grade-A quality. my nose knows. anything you want to know such as what oil will help what ~i can answer just about everything and then some, just message me :) or ask in chat! thanks for viewing my profile :D


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