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San Diego
full-time retired, part time student, currently interning for TV producing, local public access channel.
63-but look and feel 62!

'62 Benelli-(Sears) 175-bought '68
'65 Triumph 500-bought '72
'81 Kawasaki 650-bought new '81
'02 Vstar-bought '04
'04 Nomad-bought '05
New goldwing in '07=139K miles now.

Former MSF Instructor. Have taken the "Streetmaster" Riding Class (Willow Springs 1-mile track), "Ride-Like-a-Pro"(West Coast) Riding Class. ERC yearly.

"Accident Scene Management" class. Red Cross "Wilderness First Aid" class. CPR/AED/First Aid, try to do it yearly.

"Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself"-Robert Ingersoll

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is the exact opposite."-Bertrand Russell

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."-Mark Twain

"Anticipate-most 'accidents' are predictable and avoidable"-kman


Catching Fire-how cooking made us human, The Varieties of Scientific Experiences; Bang!; Gallileos' Daughter; Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors; Guns, Germs, and Steel; R. Crumbs' Genesis; Origins.
doonesbury, this modern world, zippy the pinhead, any R. Crumb comix, I still have a bunch from the 60's.
Lincoln, “Capitalism" is the best Michael Moore film yet; Sling Blade; Emerald Forest; From Dusk til Dawn; any old Charlie Chan, or Mr Moto, Taxi to the Dark Side; Religulous" was not as edgy as I hoped; Zombieland; Avatar-Great! not your fathers 3-D.
I only get basic/basic about 13 channels: but I like: person of interest, big bang theory, american dad, family guy, the simpsons, king of the hill, letterman/leno if i can stay up that late.
anywhere off the beaten path, , if I see too many tourists, I keep truckin' down the road.
everything, except haggis.

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Hawaiian a moment's notice, I am ready to attend any event.
god(s)? No, that went the way of santa claus, leprechauns, angels, boogymen, and goblins when I was about 7....but....maybe the fsm.....and I don´t have to ¨live¨ forever.
Go far enough back....precambrian bacteria?
Glad that Obama won (kinda)....Anyway, I'd rather it had been Jill Stein.
Love singing/acting, last gigs with Lyric Opera San Diego, and Looking Glass Theater. Was "Curly" in "OKLAHOMA!". Comedies, musical theater, dramas, love being on the stage. Currently getting certified with Time Warner for TV producing,

Love traveling:
Hitched across the US '69 and '70 (I was a month too early in NY for Woodstock, so made my way down to Florida in July to watch the 1st moon rocket flight-Neil Armstrong take-off).

Thumbed across New Zealand/Australia '82-'83 on a working holiday, North and South Islands (land surveying, construction work, and dishwashing), and from Tasmania (working on a scallop boat), to diving the Great Barrier Reef. And served breakfast to Prime Minister Frazier in Townsville, just before the '83 elections!

Trips to: Canada-Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Caribbean islands, Great Britain, Western Europe, Greece. Morocco/Algeria, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador. Tahiti. Australia, New Zealand. China, North Vietnam. Guatemala.

Been to all the states, except Alaska, North Dakota, Kentucky and West Virginia.

2007 rides:
Death Vly ride Mar '07. Big Sur ride Apr '07. N'thern Cali ride May '07. Canada/Banff/Jasper/Yellowstone/Colorado ride Aug '07. Arizona/Jerome/Sedona/Rte66 ride Sept '07. Sequoia ride Oct '07. Lake Havasu ride Nov '07. Death Vly ride Nov '07.

2008 rides:
Tombstone ride Jan '08. Big Sur ride Feb '08. Death Vly ride Feb '08. Lake Mead/Colorado river ride Mar '08. Utah/AZ ride Apr '08. N'thern Cali ride (Bigfoot country) May '08. Sierra's/Yosemite ride June '08. Big Bear family reunion ride Aug '08. Beartooth/Devils Tower/Black Hills/Rocky Mtns ride, Sept '08. Sierra's/Yosemite ride Oct '08. Big Bend TX/NM/AZ ride Nov '08.

2009 rides:
Arizona ride Jan '09.
Death Valley/Laughlin ride Feb '09.
Big Sur/San Francisco/Napa Vly ride Mar '09.
Tecopa Hot Springs ride Apr '09.
Sedona/Oak Creek Canyon ride Apr '09.
Utah/CO/AZ ride May '09.
Big Bear Reunion ride Aug '09.
ID/MT/Canada/WA/OR ride Sept '09.
San Francisco trip,Woodstock 40yr reunion of bands(backstage crew)-Oct '09.
Death Valley ride, Oct '09.
AZ ride-White mtns/Payson/Sedona-Nov '09.
Mayan ruins/Chiapas jungle, Yucatan to Oaxaca trip, Nov '09.
Big Sur/Pinnacles NP ride, Dec '09.
Hoover Dam Loop ride, Dec '09.

2010 rides:
Quartzsite rock show/Bouse, Salton Sea loop, AZ ride, Jan '10.
Organ Pipe Cactus Nat Mon, Kitt Peak, Oatman, AZ ride, Feb '10.
Mojave desert backroads/Colorado River ride, Mar. '10.
Boulder Dam kayaking ride, Apr '10.
Eastern Sierras/Nevada(area51)ride, May '10.
Lake Powell/Colorado River rafting ride, June '10.
Big Sur ride, July '10.
Colorado/Rocky Mountains ride, Aug '10.
N'thern Cali,coast+Sierras ride, Sept '10.
Mitchell Caverns/Colorado river ride, Oct '10.

2011 Rides:
Retired Jan, 2011. Now, I DON'T have as much vacation time!
Lake Mead/Boulder Dam ride, Apr '11.
Nevada/Utah (some old mining towns) ride, Apr '11.
Jerome/Sedona/rte66, AZ ride, June '11.
Sierras ride, see the snow in July '11.
Mexico, Gulf of California ride, Oct '11.
Mohave desert/Laughlin casinos ride, Oct '11.
Big Sur ride, Dec/Jan '11/'12.

2012 rides:
Man, I need to get out more.
Mojave desert/Laughlin ride, May '12.
Nevada (solar eclipse), Idaho, Oregon ride, May '12.
Grand Canyon ride, June '12.
MTF Colorado ride, Aug '12.
Sedona AZ ride, Sept '12.
Guatemala trip Nov '12.
MTF Lake Havasu ride, Dec '12.

2013 Rides:
AZ river ride, Dec/Jan Dec '12-Jan '13.
San Ignatio Lagoon ride, Baja, Feb '13. petted the whales!
Hill country Texas ride, +Roswell NM, +White mtns az, Apr '13.

Rides/trips coming up:
San Felipe Baja ride, May '13.
Pacific NW/Canada ride, June or July '13.
Turkey trip (or Thailand), fall '13.