Dreamweaver (MIMIKAY)

Dreamweaver (MIMIKAY)

Dreamweaver (MIMIKAY)
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November 25
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
I work part time with a wonderful downs Syndrome young lady. Am also on disability because of many health issues. (Wish I could work full time, love my job!)
If you are left with nothing but dreams, you are left with everything. ~Dreamweaver~

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5'3 1/2 don't forget that half...
Waiting for what?
Depends on the day
Dress for comfort...Live for laughter... love for eternity... and never forget to dream.
I have a deep faith. Not a faith found bound within 4 walls and a roof overhead. My faith is from within, and is attained through my personal walk...
German, Native American, French, Arkansan :)
In other words - Heinz 57 and proud of it. :)
May the best person win... :)
2 by birth, dozens who call me mom.. LOL
Whatever you do, wherever you go, never give up dreaming. For when you least expect it to happen, when you’ve all but given up.
Your dream will reach out and gently awaken you to its reality.


Jamie Sams Nora Roberts
Love reading most kinds of book. But Jamie Sams books always make me look within and discover a new part of who I am.
comedies, Disney, romance, action, mystery
TV? What's that?
All Fmers everywhere!
Oldies , lite rock, country, jazz. Anything as long as its not rap and as long as it doesn't have anything to do with Slim Shady!!!!! ACK!!!!!!
Packers ( sorry MAMA )
Love the ocean...
Am from the south originally....(Arkansas in fact) makes me a meat and potatoes kinda gal...