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Vancouver Dreams (quani)
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I used to be a Field Systems Support Specialist. Specializing in cameras and installing computer systems across the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. When I got laid off from that gig I drove an 18 wheeler and then a tanker for 3 years. Now I am back to being a Field Service Rep for Minutekey and I really am enjoying this job. I'm staying close to Houston and enjoying my time at home for a change after travelling so much for the last 15 years.
January 23
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Computer Related (IS, MIS, Internet, DP)
The Gods will not do for Man what Man can do for Himself

My forums are turning to dust but my favorites still have some bounce!
I am a character all right. I just don't know which one yet. Maybe I can be a superhero of some kind. Hmmm.

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yeah right!
depends on my mood!
I dont wear perfume cause I dont have any bad smells to cover up! Actually I just dont like it...I'm a jeans and tee kinda girl, more likely to get dirty having fun and not worry about it.
I dont belong to any particular religion, it should be enough that I believe in God and God believes in me.
I have a lot of injun in me from both parents, Daddy was 1/2 Chickasaw and Mom is 1/4 Yaqui
If you talk politics with me I will probably start to yawn.
North by northwest
single for a long long time, set in my ways (which are good ways) and not inclined to put up with crap from anybody.
I have 2 sons, I'm older than dirt and so are they. I have a cat that shreds everything and 2 dogs that think they are kids.
I've stopped looking and I don't plan on starting up again. You'd have to be a hell of a MAN to change my mind.


David Eddings, Lee Childs, many others, I love Sci-Fi/fantasy/Mysteries/ love stories
I like to read but cant seem to find the time anymore.
Any computer mag, Archeology, Arts&Crafts
I like the internet. I dont get ink all over my fingers and I dont kill trees.
action and sci-fi, Two Towers, LOTR, SG-1 rules!
Travel Channel, Sci-Fi, HGTV, Discovery Channel
Richard Dean Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, heroes named Jack.
R&B oldies, afro-latino jazz
Santana, Eva Cassidy, oldies and Motown
Is kissing a sport?
Can I be on the team????
MOUNTAINS- the Tantalus Range in B.C. It's my favorite place in the WORLD.
I'll try almost anything but if I make a face dont ask me to take another bite!