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Bereishis (Genesis) 9:8-9 - (Paraphrasing) "Every human being (offspring of Noah and his sons through all generations forever) on Earth has a direct Covenant with God." Virtually all religions avoid this subject like the plague, because their religions must yield to such direct involvement by God, and they do not wish to yield. This is a vast and very deep subject, and people who think their Eternal Existence is something important, need to learn from reliable Jewish sources what is going on.

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Ruchoma Shain; Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsch; Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler
Essential Reading For Non-Jews: "The Divine Code" by Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Actors create an imaginary world. People live in a real world. Yet people have a very hard time distinguishing between the two. Such a terrible shame.
I don't think there are any sports in the Eternal World that is coming, so it is problematic in my mind to become too attached to something so very temporary in nature.


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What's a religion? My way of life is Judaism.
God is right (conservative), and I do not argue with God.

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    Well, well, well, Eliahu, it's good to see a familiar name here after all these years. Shalom.