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North Ga
July 1
Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)
Shaw industries
Practice does not make perfect.. Perfect practice makes perfect..

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Doesn't matter as long as you are Comfy
I hate all of it...
As often as possible
Oh I don't think that is a possible answer..
Straight but if you are not who cares it's your life so it's your choice.
One from past marriage
If I want any lip out of you I'll give you a Quarter...


I'm a guy what do you think???
Local papers
All the oldies I grew up with. Peanuts, Garfield and so on..
Action and Comedy Drama.
The Shield, CSI, Pinks,
Jet Li, John Travolta, Samuel Jackson,
Anything but Opera and classical
Alan Jackson, Nelly, AC/DC I told you anything but Opera nad classical... LOL
Don't watch them
See above
Any where but here
Mexican, Steak and taters. Chicken, Hot wings and beer are the best, heck I am not picky just give me something good and HOT.