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Layla (LaylaCatt)
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Been in delphi since 1998, but needed new account......
I live in the beautiful desert.......
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
multi-tasking goddess like every other female on the planet!
~We are exactly where we are supposed to be at this time.~

~~Thousands of years ago, Cats were worshiped as Gods--We have never forgotten that~~ ^^

~I live in my own little world, but that's ok, They KNOW me here!!~

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religion sucks, it causes wars and discord.

Spirituality is where you find your higher power and become one and in tune with all in the universe and beyond.
two beautiful grown goddesses............and a gorgeous grand-angel goddess in training with whom I am so totally in


Anne Rice, as well as most of the classic authors, Maya Angelou
The Vampire Chronicles, and creatures of the night novels.....and ANY classic.......i hate bodice rippers, they just suck......, spirituality and such
the phantom of the opera, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, practical magic, a knights tale, across the universe, Gone With The Wind, LOTR, Finding Nemo, Ghost, The Little Princess , Seven Years in Tibet, lots more
Lost, Charmed, anything on Discovery Chanel, dont watch much tv much anymore
pop, rock, classical, opera, new age, earth music, nature sounds
Sting, Prince, Clapton, God Smack, Creed, Sarah McLaughlin, gwen stefani., los lonely boys, mr. capone, madonna, just cant stand "noise" music
vegetarian, asian, thai, mediteranian, italian, mexican......