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Pepper (PepperM)
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Weatherford, Texas
March 16
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
I just found out that 50 is a whole new beginning for women....
Mixed Media Art
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dark brown and grey
Jeans and a fun t-shirt and sandals for me.
Christian background but lean on the spiritual and mystical and astrological lines of worldly perceptions...
White with freckles!!!
Up or Down...?
Married to my 5th husband!!!
THREE grown beautiful daughters, 3 gorgeous SILs, and four precious granddaughters and seven handsome grandsons, a step-granddaughter and a new baby girl on the way in Sept. 2013
If you see me coming run unless you have an hour to chat. I love to talk and I talk fast. You will know my entire history in that first hour...then you will really wish you had run!!!


M. Creighton flavor and most any other author with a good tale.
Anything that teaches something.
Sunday only.
Romance and comedy.
American Idol, NCIS
Julia Roberts, Julia went to my high, school, Campbell, eleven, years after me. Graduated, with my nephew.
Everything except noise.
Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts
Love football and basketball and volleyball and golf.
University of Utah, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys, of course.
Anywhere can be a vacation spot. It is all in the mind.
Hate peanut butter...allergic to it, too., Anything but seafood...I am allergic to shellfish...WAAAAAH!!!