Carol (ladylaughing)

Carol (ladylaughing)

Carol (ladylaughing)
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Second Star From Morning
May 9
Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)
Just Gotta Laugh, Nothing else Counts,

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Tall enough to see over many obstacles
Just About that much
I can see all colors
All natural.. Just a *touch* of ___.. Ya know.. the natural stuff that comes from having a real life
Fashion..Sorry, Don't keep up with the trend.. Jeans and Tee.. What more could I ask for
Back Woods Country Girl
With Hands On Hips
Duh... Yes
Shield Held Extremely High... been there Done that..
love'm all, only have one
Temptation often Leads to Satisfaction


King, Robinson, Koontz, ect..ect.. ect..
The book of Questions
local trash
wizard of Id
Frequency, Great movie !! or hmmmm.. was it the Company I had
Hey! Is Ronald Regan Still on the Big Screen
All types, Esp. Celtic and very old country
Brickman, Croce, Joplin,
Local Hometown boys
Cabin and a creek would Be nice
That reminds me... I'm hungry