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Paul (messenger) (djtwitch)
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Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

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Dark Brown
Fashion is an industry......that is a fashion "statement"
Is mainly a crutch for things you can do with energy.
Romany, French, Irish, Persian, Portuguese
Whoever will mess up things less is who I go for.
I am taken so don't even ask.
I love music, dancing, drinking, drinking, dancing......guess thats what I like pretty much. o yeah and I hate fake people or "haters" if you are such then go away.


Colin, (Raven Digitallis)
Gothic Beauty, cat fancy
Thats what computers are for
City of angels, Across the Universe, Avatar, Party Monster, Rent
Buffy, charmed, family guy, south park, America's best dance crew, Angel, 1000 ways to die, Deadliest warrior
Happy Hardcore!!!, Hardstyle, psy-trance, black metal, meditation, rap, trip-hop, and more...
dj mr. Panda, Cradle of Filth, dj. tezzr, tech 9, Slayer, H.I.M., Cannibal Corpse, Lights of Euphorea, dj Hixxy, dj Jehad
martial arts, dancing, tennis, ping pong, swimming
I hate football, and baseball, most team sports , a bunch of boring repetitive crap
Italian food, pizza, microwave food, gummy anything