WRKN on my graces (W...

WRKN on my graces (WRKN)

WRKN on my graces (WRKN)
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Pacific Northwest, USA
November 7
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
Law/Legal Services
Srsly, truts no 1

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I'm "wrkn" on that...
brown, with little bits of gray
comfy, comfy, comfy - with big, loose shoes to avoid those painful corns so many suffer from later in life
British, Irish, Scottish, Prussian, Mohawk (we was raped, doc)
hetero (I love me the men)
3 handsome boys
SWF wants scruffy-looking man who does dishes, fixes things, pees standing up (as well as other things), enjoys children and pets, and knows how to pass out while hiking in a manly fashion


Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King
To Say Nothing of the Dog
cnn.com, icanhazcheezbrgr.com
Matrix, Close Encounters, Blade Runner, Road Warrior, Pirates of the Caribbean, LOTR Trilogy, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
The Daily Show and sometimes, when I manage to find the time, Pushing Daisies.
bluegrass, rock, blues, folk
Prine, Mitchell, Lyle, Odetta, Lightfoot, Steely Dan, Fogelberg, Raitt, Mozart, Marshall/Anger, BNL
THE Portland Trailblazers, Noromos, Masheos, Monkeys
Mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, gorges, islands
chocolate, brie, champagne, nectarines