Elf 1/2 (ELFWRECK)

Elf 1/2 (ELFWRECK)

Elf 1/2 (ELFWRECK)
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Oakland, CA
September 3
"I follow Eris blindly in all things; that She is the Goddess of Chaos simplifies this immensely." --Christian the Pagan

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170 lbs
Teal green
Discordian Zen Feri with slight Gardnerian tendencies
Lying down, with people I like
Married; looking for 3 more spouses
2 young girls, Phoenix & Kallisti


R.A. Heinlein, R.A. Wilson, Ayn Rand, O.K. Ravenhurst, Starhawk
Principia Discordia, Codex Serephinianus
Pyramid (online), Omni (defunct), Consumer Reports, Transformative Works & Cultures
Don Juan de Marco, Bull Durham; other religious movies
Duckman, Babylon 5, X-files, Law & Order
Al Leong
Anything with a baritone voice & an acoustic guitar
Kathy Mar, Heather Alexander, Tempest, Meatloaf, Ray Lynch, Bowie
sheet-tangling ;-)