Mike (stormstudio)

Mike (stormstudio)

Mike (stormstudio)
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Deep South
Graphic Artist/Designer
Live & learn, or crash & burn.

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just right
forest burgundy black and tan
Ani Yun'wiya polyentheist
CWY NA /German/Dane
Cultural Integrity
My steps are the best!


Sherman Alexie; Ray Bradbury
Reservation Blues; I Sing the Body Electric
Rolling Stone; HOW
Comic ARTISTS: Moebius; R.Crumb; Rick Veitch; Rick Geary; Liberatore; Caza; Chris Ware; Will Eisner; Winsor McKay, George Herriman...
Smoke Signals; Dance Me Outside; Four Rooms; A Fish Called Wanda; on & on...
...I could take it or leave it...
Graham Green, John Malkovich, Mary Steenburgen, Irene Bedard...
You name it: Orchestral to Twang to Alter to Prog to Native Contemporary to Acoustic to Blues to Pop to...
Lunar Drive; Radiohead; Robby Robertson; Classic Yes; ELP; Blurad infinitum.
Indian Country or NM mountains & points west...
Cajun, tribal, Texmex, Southern- just feed me.