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North Carolina
March 23
Are you from way back at MULTI CITY Chat?? Let me know if you are. Keep reminding me, too. I keep forgetting, even if you told me a bunch of times already.
Chat is for Fun! -
- a chance to put our best self forward
- and make others feel good, too

I will put this here: --> I have MEMORY BLANKS even in real life.
I do apologize :( if I forget you for a time you come in... I cannot explain to make anyone feel better.
If I do not remember stuff about you, --> I swear I am sorry to the ends of the earth.
I Love the Subaru commercials! But my husband got me something else to drive.
I am just what I am...
silly, stupid, forgetful,
nice, bitchy, friendly,
lazy, kind, hyper,
overweight, religious,

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overweight now
It's unreal how many shoes and purses
a woman needs in her wardrobe
We have the greatest, friendliest
church here. Catholic.
Married to a wonderful man
How about my relationships with chat friends?
Can I put that here?
I'm sorry if I missed hugging you.
Sometimes I miss someone I actually know well!

Another thing...
I love my old TC chat friends, too.
I am dismayed that when Talk City was
"merged" into Delphi, ALL my Talk City
friends' status turned into --> "pending."
Hey Delphi! I am not deleting them,
even if you turned them into "pending!"
2 grown boys, 25 and 29 years old
1. Artist, 2. Helpfulness, 3. Driving is hard, 3. Thanking God

(Details below, if you want them)

I am an artist. I guess I love sculpture best -
wish I had a kiln. Right now I am drawing with pastels.

I try to help people. It makes me happy.
Lately, I've been bitchy in between, though.

I fear driving, since an elderly lady ran the red light
and totaled my SUV. It felt like a hurricane threw a
concrete wall at me.

I am blessed in so many ways by God.