ACP (ACrackedPot)

ACP (ACrackedPot)

ACP (ACrackedPot)
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My Home is Right up in Heaven
May 1
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Six Feet Up
180 Up and Down , Left + RIGHT
I don't RIGHTLY know. I don't look at my eyes
Black - What is LEFT
I dress the Right way.
Christian Right
Right and Left . I am a mixed breed. Just like my puppy dog.
Right - I have strong beliefs for instance on Abortion. But I do not believe in imposing my beliefs on others. So with the issue of abortion ... I support choice despite my firm opposition to it.
Right !!!
I am RIGHTLY Married
One Son who has grown up RIGHT.
Shop Ebay it's the Right store.


Phillip Yancey
The Bible
Outdoor Photography
Fox News
Old '50s Westerns
James Stewart Randolph Scott
John Michael Talbot Michael Card
S.F. Niners L.A. Lakers L.A. Dodgers
Yosemite Switzerland Baniff