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March 18
I like animals of all sorts. Currently I have a fish tank. It is a 37g fish tank with 12 Cherry Barbs, 4 cory cats, 1 Angel Fish, 3 Frogs and 2 snails. I would like to get a cat in the future.

I love to crochet. I have a small business selling what I crochet. I would love to get enough pieces made that I could have a table at a craft fair. Currently I am making an octopus for some friends of mine who just had a baby.

I have a little niece who just turned 8months. I have crocheted her lot's of things, including an octopus, a diaper bag, a blanket and some clothes. She is adorable.
Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)
Secretary in a law office

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Business clothes at the office
Jeans and nice tops otherwise
Good sneakers with my orthotics
I consider myself spiritual but not religious particularly. I believe in something out there that is bigger than us, but not necessarily any one religions god. I do like the unitarian Universalits philosophy, but I do not live near one of their churches.
White. I am at least 1/4 German. My Oma (my dad's mom) came over from Germany when she was 16.
Democrat. I register as an independent, but I lean democratic in my voting and beliefs.
Asexual lesbian


Rita Mae Brown, Maya Angelou, Dave Barry, Toni Morrison, Dr. Seuss
Le Petit Prince, The Golden Compass series
Discover, Crochet Today
Lamoni Chronicle
Calvin and Hobbes
The Princess Bride
NCIS, Law and Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy