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Is in quiet country side of Buchanan Georgia very wide no alot of smog and air is crisp and at times i can hear cow moo the sky blue and with sounds of life and hear thunder outside and at night wolfs and coyotes make sounds and owls too. stars shine so bright in heavens above you like being there always Nice area in Haralson county Georgia!
March 25
My Interest are be on line here chat check if folks love what I Post some May wonder why it's just something different in life my best is bring it And folks love me as I "May stroke A Match to strike a flame but always remember fire never runs out be flitter of flame here forever" And other stuff I collect plushies pony from certain show!
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
Only thing is glad I awake everyday either watch Lets Make a Deal are Price is right And some hobbies one is glad I am alive here! In other News I disabled and can't work period!
If u can't stand the heat get out of my kitchen. unless your going to clean up after Me But other saying If feel the air flow in the trees and Birds dance with delight and trees dance and grass flows and creeks babble along Life is full of life and love cherish it with delight!!
Well so far update i still have same car with 139,232 and so far had replace the Battery well uncle did cost 142 dollars its dead cause I still not allowed yet drive till cleared by doctor same area again so wait see I do sneak out ride around take trash are fill gas tank up are need see Doctor in case van folks can't that day if need see doctor!( still trying figure out how pay me uncle back for starter n car insurance premium...
Well sometimes I sing in shower unless need to for now I not till this hole in me right heals over so there. Just have go by kitchen sink wash up and do hair till wound are cutie Mark clears Up.Other wise. I post some wonderful stuff sure its very different but with me I make a picture. No matter what is into a lovely story are little funny remarks other wise I just simple Fellow with Ideas that just Poop On Out!

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Still 5ft tall and some 11inch's someplace here just can't find it
Same as be always and will be
well me eyes are brown but here they blue
Well my hair is any color not shown now lol
Well clothes make the Man However In My case as Long No holes In rear I okay here....
Not for sale same as before here just not like tell you what is so best fact's is all can say!
I am male white and is that since born 1957 when Doctors slap me Mother instead...
I pround of are country and vote for whomever is deservin of the Job in are land of freedom and Joy in USA!
So Far been a Man since 1957..any who just cause I use photos is cause One see just me old face gets old..so I show well you know so there you are!
I single since 1957 and after folks see what use for me face bet I be that too!
None as Far as the eyes can see and beside the police would take away saying I not all there
Well what to say I try be fun Nice full of It at times do like watch Lets Make a deal and Price is right and lives in a House with Indoor Plumbing and scares folks away Now have Plush pony's I collect here.

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Well i was Born in 1957 and me life been strange..I am male still been in hospital out hope not go back to there again! my life been this story lost 2 brothers one in 1964 burn unit in Ohio burn clinic open 1964 made wsbtv news than...and 75 lost me other he fell off church steeple ...see where I going and been rough lost mom in 2000 dad in 2009!...As for Now basic change still old as sin here...

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what is a widget and is that very pain free are need shots