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Is in quiet country side of Buchanan Georgia very wide no alot of smog and air is crisp and at times i can hear cow moo the sky blue and with sounds of life and hear thunder outside and at night wolfs and coyotes make sounds and owls too. stars shine so bright in heavens above you like being there always Nice area in Haralson county Georgia!
March 25
My Interest are be on line here chat check if folks love what I Post read Use my computer look stuff up. Like watch Game show's of past like Match Game. And Price is right and let's make a deal! Now ask You like what post well I float different boat. I collect plush pony's and if notice I posted at Pengy's Place and I love country music classic hit's and Oldies.......
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)
No longer working here disabled and that It!
If u can't stand the heat get out of my kitchen. unless your going to clean up after Me But other saying If feel the air flow in the trees and Birds dance with delight and trees dance and grass flows and creeks babble along Life is full of life and love cherish it with delight!!
Well so far update i still have same car with 139,232 and so far had replace the Battery well uncle did cost 142 dollars its dead Now.When ever can get done however since Van take cause of leg issue area so my ride is Haralson county Van take me doctor's our store when can
Well not sure of My Character I believe it's whom I make Me Be Nice different love Be here unless folks getting tired of Me chatting doing Post's here I fine so make sure see I Man updated Me self make all wonder in glow of red pepper's sauce I am He!!

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Still 5ft tall and some 11inch's someplace here just can't find it
Same as be always and will be
There same as when join 2009 here And still been Male as long ago as time began for Me!!
Afraid i got older my hair is silver color soon be bald
Well clothes make the Man but with out being strange wear what can not in these high price stuff.......
Not for sale same as before here just not like tell you what is so best fact's is all can say!
I am male white and is that since born 1957 Look old gray and ain't what I use to Be However what color has two do with who we are all same inside!!
I pround of are country and vote for whomever is deservin of the Job in are land of freedom and Joy in USA!
Really I love women however Not many love Old fat lard as Me so Best can say What ever float's Your boat is okay with Me!!
I been Single ever since 1957 when Born!!
None as Far as the eyes can see and beside the police would take away saying I not all there
Well what to say I Male old as baked potatoes Love be alive do my best so what else can say be who You are Not what You seem two Be!

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    Hello...how are you doing over there... Am Mary by name... Am 31 year old single with Know kids.. I will like to know more about you if you don't mind... You can text me on .... 12162202430or olajames2028@gmail.com
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    Hope you are well.....
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    hey you... love the many beautiful things you post in our forum... tho I stay super busy I still run in and out of there all the time. hope all is well for you and am sure we'll cross paths again... huggs always, Classy
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    Waves..Hi Lehnerd I was here :) hugs and kisses my friend
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    i see show all button just there , does that cost extra ??? $ worthit ??? lol j/k

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Two all folks who have chatted left gone left cause of what be around I love be here Delphi forum's where I have this way with posting very different works...However after 8 years I wonder if grow not so much I not thought but daily Mind is saying I done here! Just not feel it almost people not tune in what say I doing if This fellow has his marbles still Yes I do very much should I stop that...